High School Volunteers

Do you need 40 hours of community service for high school graduation?

There are two ways high school students can earn their hours during the summer.  
1).  Sign up for regular 3-hour shifts in June & July.    
2).  Volunteer at our one time event called Ploverpalooza 
* * *

Ploverpalooza volunteers are needed on
 June 20-21, 2020 for the following activities:
  • Face painting
  • Bird house making
  • Painting
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Button making 
  • Educational games
  • Various games and other activities
  • and more!!!!!!

* * *
Bring your friends --spend your 40 hours of required volunteer hours at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park!  Bird Studies Canada will provide you with a reference letter after 40 hours of volunteering.  

* * *
I am in high school, I want to join!!!
  1. Read over this website
  2. Register with our partner Bird Studies Canada 
  3. Select one of two training dates and attend training at Nancy Island.
  4. After training, schedule your first shift using the online schedule (link provided after training).  If you are interested in Ploverpalooza specifically, please email Patricia.
  5. Continue to schedule your shifts throughout the season
  6. Have fun!

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