Location of parking (no pass is needed) and training.  
Training is required for all new volunteers as it covers important information necessary for a successful season.  New volunteers do not need to have a degree in biology or any prior knowledge of birds or conservation.  Training will cover the biology and behaviour of Piping Plovers as well as the duties/responsibilities of our volunteers.  Since education is our primary focus, training is essential so that all volunteers are fully equipped and confident in their ability to talk to the public.

New volunteers can select from one of two training opportunities for the summer of 2020:
#1  TBA
#2  TBA

All training sessions take place at Nancy Island Historic Site (119 Mosley Street).  Once in our parking lot, adjacent to the red Welcome Center, enter through the wooden gate, cross the bridge and turn left towards the large white theater (hint -the building looks like the sails of a ship).   

As a volunteer, you do not need to pay for parking.  At the volunteer training session, you will receive a parking pass specific for the Piping Plover nesting site but it is not valid in any of the other 5 beach areas at Wasaga Beach.  For training, you do not need to purchase a pass from the pay-and-display machine.

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